About Us

Country Lane Foods are a food processor and distributor supplying pickled onions, pickled gherkins, marinades and vinegars to supermarkets, fruit and vegetable outlets, butchers and caterers to name a few, for over 20 years.

All onions marketed under the Country Lane label are grown in New Zealand, and the company is proud to be one of the last in the country to still be using locally grown onions.

For the last two years, Country Lane Foods has been producing Shantytown Pickled Onions and Shantytown Curried Onions, using a popular recipe from the West Coast gold mining town. "Demand was such that Shantytown sought a processor to take over the production and marketing"

The association with Country Lane Foods has developed to the present stage where products are available at selected supermarkets and fruit and vegetable outlets throughout New Zealand. "Because they are like grandma’s old recipe the products have really become sought after".

Country Lane Food's team process all products on site and are hand made fresh each day. All onions and gherkins are inspected by hand prior to being processed to ensure the excellent quality Country Lane Foods is known for remains. Country Lane Foods offer a personalised service to clients and will do everything possible to ensure your order arrives fresh and on time.